2017 Knollwood Meeting Minutes


Held at the home of Charles and Rebecca on Sunday, March 5, 2017.  Roll call was taken by secretary Adrienne Gale at 7:15pm

Present–Kimann and Mike Schultz             Adrienne Gale            Ken Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Singh                          Bert Lefel                    Marty H.

Nancy Lamson                               John Sahm                  Charles B.

Rebecca B.                                     Constance                   Molly Griffin

Debbie K.                                                                            Sharon Myers

Proxies–Phil and Lynn Scaletta.                The Moores                     Ethel Sing

The Hensleys                                The Platzes                   The Fischers

Nick Hoetmer                                JoAnn Heraly                Julie Huggins


Adrienne Gale read the 2016 minutes

Charles Beasley made a motion to approve the 2016 minutes, Ken Nelson seconded.  All were “yeahs” and the 2016 minutes were approved.

A moment of silence was then observed in memory of Gerald Griffin

New business:

  1. Charles Beasley spoke about DPW and the repairs for Tuliptree Trail. The contract was signed at the end of January and they are supposed to start within 60 days. Marty spoke about the easements and the erosion. An engineer told her that she had to sign the paperwork ( for the easements ) so they could get going as soon as possible- so she signed them at the end of December however they still have NOT started and Marty’s emails are not being returned.  They took out a lot of trees on Marty’s property and as a result backfilling is now needed. Charles spoke about the erosion and dipping on Sargent Road due to the fact that there is not a drain or any structure underneath the road to support the road.
  2. Charles spoke about the catch basin by Steve McGill’s property and the fact that there has not been good communication between the gas company and DPW. There was an open discussion about how much worse the catch basin is getting and the fact that the neighborhood to the west drains into the big catch basin and is causing all the problems.
  3. There was open discussion about how bad the road is.  Kimann  thinks we should get a reporter out to see how bad the street is and possibly go on television.  The group discussed starting a petition so we have that in place.  Ken will take comparison pictures of the damage and call McQuillan and also will call Steve to inquire about communicating with the mayor.
  4. Kimann then introduced the new neighborhood website  and the fact that the pictures are easy to see on all cell phones. The covenants are on there along with the bylaws. There is an infrastructure page, a pet page and a nature page. There’s also a real estate link. The website name is:     KNOLLWOODNEIGHBORHOOD.COM
  5. Mr. Singh commented that he believes covenants should remain in place for 10 years. The current covenants were revised in 2012
  6. The group then discussed the covenants as they relate to leasing a house in KNOLLWOOD  John Sahm read out loud the covenants regarding leasing; some concerns were expressed about the way the covenant currently reads
  7. Charles spoke about the maintenance of curbs and storm drains he also stated that open burning of leaves is a violation. Charles also went over the results of the opinion poll regarding the enforcement of covenants and the increase of dues if needed.
  8. Charles stated that there are several management companies that are being recommended
  9. Constance said that there is a problem with the landscaping not being there ….Charles said that he is paying for the ground cover to go in. Ken talked about the Wamsley’s refusing to grant an easement on their property in the past when they lived there. There was discussion about the possibility of granting an easement to the neighborhood for access to maintain the sign.
  10. Charles discussed the budget and snow removal.  We have a surplus in our budget because we only had to use the snow removal company one time.
  11. The group then discussed options for landscaping at the neighborhood entrance.  The group discussed forming a landscaping committee and Kimann volunteered to help with it. Sue would like to help according to Ken. Constance also volunteered to work on the committee.
  12. Debbie talked about the community helping to clear the drains of the neighborhood and spoke about the cleanup day. She also asked about the utilities and why there wasn’t a proposed budget number in the column for 2017.  Charles just forgot to type it.
  13. John Sahm made a motion to approve the budget. Adrienne seconded. The dues will stay the same… all yeas and the motion passed.
  14. Charles reminded everybody that Armour will send out the bill for the dues.
  15. Charles announced the results of the election for the new board.  Mike Schultz was elected to serve as President… Bert for Vice President ..Adrienne for Secretary…..Charles for Treasurer and Debbie for member at large.  There was a motion to pass the board by John Sahm and Ken seconded.  All voted in favor and the new board was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm

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