2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2019, 7 PM
7230 Tuliptree Trail

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.
Members Present: See sign-in sheet. Quorum established.
1) Introduction of Board and Property Manager, Steve Follis with Trent Management.
2)Secretary’s Report: (Adrienne Gale)
• There were no additions, deletions, or amendments to the minutes offered and reading of the 2018 annual meeting minutes was waived by members.
• Motion was made to accept the 2018 minutes (second)- minutes passed.
3) President’s Report: (Mike Schultz)
• we switched snow removal companies
• DPW put a new drain on the tuliptree cul-de-sac.
• The big drainage is still doing fine since it was fixed last year
• people are driving through the grass down by the signs
• there was an occasion in March 2018 during a big storm that the emergency gate was blocked by a pile of mulch
• The view leaving Knollwood (heading north onto Sargent)is blocked by wild bushes thereby making it very dangerous to pull out.
4) Financial Review: (Steve Follis, Trent Management)
• Year end 2018 results reviewed.
• 2019 proposed annual budget discussed
• Motion was made to accept proposed 2019 budget (second) – budget passed
5) Election of Directors (Mike Schultz)
• Discussion held if there were any volunteers who wanted to take a vacant spot
• Motion was made to retain existing board members for 2019 (second) – election passed

6) New Business/Questions
• Question raised about snow plowing the circle on Walnut way. Confirmed that would be plowed by crew and property manager would advise snow contractor.
• Discussion concerning honeysuckle bushes along Sargent Rd and to see if homeowner, landscaping company, or city could remove and/or trim back 4 ft.
• Request made to inquire if City could plow Walnut Way because of hill and school buses. Property manager would inquire.
• Request made about having a phone directory of neighbors.
• Discussion concerning emergency exit and the ability to have a bike path to access other neighborhood. Reiterated the exit is only for emergency access and is not for any other use.
• Volunteers stepped forward looking at planning a neighborhood party for the year.
• Suggestion posed about having street sweeping done in the community. Property manager would obtain estimates.
• A neighbor volunteered to use their water for irrigating the entrance as needed.
Adjournment of Meeting by Consensus of Members
Meeting Closed at approximately 8:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Adrienne Gale


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