2020 Annual Meeting Minutes


2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2020, 7 PM

7230 Tuliptree Trail

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Members Present: See sign-in sheet.  Quorum established.

1) Introduction of Board and Property Manager, Steve Follis with Trent Management.

2)Secretary’s Report:  (Adrienne Gale)

  • There were no additions, deletions, or amendments to the minutes offered and reading of the 2019 annual meeting minutes was waived by members.
  • Motion was made to accept the 2019 minutes (second)- minutes passed.

3) Guest: (Natalie Vandoughgan, City of Indianapolis)

  • Her role is neighborhood liaison and can assist homeowners in navigating city services.
  • Reminder: Christmas tree recycling is at Sahm park until Jan 31.
  • Check the city website for office hours
  • If owners see potholes, report them to the Mayor’s Action Center.
  • Check Indy.gov for “Snowforce” up to date GPS routes for plows.

4) Financial Review: (Steve Follis, Trent Management)

  • Year end 2019 results reviewed.
  • 2020 proposed annual budget discussed
  • Motion was made to keep funding for street cleaning in budget and determine an appropriate time if this service should be used in 2020 (second) – motion passed
  • Motion was made to accept proposed 2020 budget (second) – budget passed

5) Old Business (Steve Follis, Trent Management)

  • Sue Nelson asked about entrance sign power washing: Advised that power washing was delayed in 2019 as some cracking may be damaged. The signs are budgeted to be inspected, repaired, power washed and lettering painted in 2020.

Election of Directors (Mike Schultz)

  • Discussion held if there were any volunteers who wanted to take a vacant spot
  • Motion was made to retain four board members (Debbie Kahlenbeck, Adrienne Gale, Charles Beasley, Mike Schultz) and elect one new board member (Stacey Ferrell) for 2020, withi Debbie Kahlenbeck as President, Stacey Ferrell as Vice President, Charles Beasley as Treasurer, Adrienne Gale as Secretary, and Mike Schultz as Member at Large (second) – motion passed

6) New Business/Questions

  • Sue Nelson inquired about plants down by the signs needing to be switched to drought-resistant.
  • Ken Nelson inquired about redoing covenants, but consensus decided that the fees required should be spent in other ways at this time.
  • Steve Vinson complained about speeding up and down the first hill and requested a quote for a speed limit sign to be put on the edge of their property.
  • Sue Nelson inquired about a directory issued in 2019. Confirmed that a directory was issued and an updated one will be issued in 2020 with Assessment information.
  • Request to remind landscaping crew to avoid tossing trash on the property and to improve weeding at common areas beds.

Adjournment of Meeting by Consensus of Members

Meeting Closed at approximately 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrienne Gale