2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Last Annual Knollwood Neighborhood Meeting: October 25, 2020 

Annual Meeting Highlights:
 –       Improvements

o   Drive Slow – Children Playing

o   Front Sign Landscaping (by volunteers)

o   Front Sign repair and improvements (by volunteers) o Knollwood Neighborhood text alert opt-in (volunteer led)

–       Social Distance Socials : 

o   Cul-de-sac socials

o   Movie Night (postponed)

o   Sargent Road Nature Park Tour  (SargentRoadNaturePark.com)

– 2021 Dues set at  $400  (thanks to significant volunteer efforts)

Thank you to all our neighborhood volunteers for the many improvements made to our neighborhood!  Because of your contributions, our neighborhood continues to foster a community ambiance in this Brown County setting. 


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