2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Last Annual Knollwood Neighborhood Meeting: October 25, 2020 

Annual Meeting Highlights:
 –       Improvements

o   Drive Slow – Children Playing

o   Front Sign Landscaping (by volunteers)

o   Front Sign repair and improvements (by volunteers) o Knollwood Neighborhood text alert opt-in (volunteer led)

–       Social Distance Socials : 

o   Cul-de-sac socials

o   Movie Night (postponed)

o   Sargent Road Nature Park Tour  (SargentRoadNaturePark.com)

– 2021 Dues set at  $400  (thanks to significant volunteer efforts)

Thank you to all our neighborhood volunteers for the many improvements made to our neighborhood!  Because of your contributions, our neighborhood continues to foster a community ambiance in this Brown County setting. 


2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2019, 7 PM
7230 Tuliptree Trail

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.
Members Present: See sign-in sheet. Quorum established.
1) Introduction of Board and Property Manager, Steve Follis with Trent Management.
2)Secretary’s Report: (Adrienne Gale)
• There were no additions, deletions, or amendments to the minutes offered and reading of the 2018 annual meeting minutes was waived by members.
• Motion was made to accept the 2018 minutes (second)- minutes passed.
3) President’s Report: (Mike Schultz)
• we switched snow removal companies
• DPW put a new drain on the tuliptree cul-de-sac.
• The big drainage is still doing fine since it was fixed last year
• people are driving through the grass down by the signs
• there was an occasion in March 2018 during a big storm that the emergency gate was blocked by a pile of mulch
• The view leaving Knollwood (heading north onto Sargent)is blocked by wild bushes thereby making it very dangerous to pull out.
4) Financial Review: (Steve Follis, Trent Management)
• Year end 2018 results reviewed.
• 2019 proposed annual budget discussed
• Motion was made to accept proposed 2019 budget (second) – budget passed
5) Election of Directors (Mike Schultz)
• Discussion held if there were any volunteers who wanted to take a vacant spot
• Motion was made to retain existing board members for 2019 (second) – election passed

6) New Business/Questions
• Question raised about snow plowing the circle on Walnut way. Confirmed that would be plowed by crew and property manager would advise snow contractor.
• Discussion concerning honeysuckle bushes along Sargent Rd and to see if homeowner, landscaping company, or city could remove and/or trim back 4 ft.
• Request made to inquire if City could plow Walnut Way because of hill and school buses. Property manager would inquire.
• Request made about having a phone directory of neighbors.
• Discussion concerning emergency exit and the ability to have a bike path to access other neighborhood. Reiterated the exit is only for emergency access and is not for any other use.
• Volunteers stepped forward looking at planning a neighborhood party for the year.
• Suggestion posed about having street sweeping done in the community. Property manager would obtain estimates.
• A neighbor volunteered to use their water for irrigating the entrance as needed.
Adjournment of Meeting by Consensus of Members
Meeting Closed at approximately 8:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Adrienne Gale

Knollwood HOA News – February 2019

Knollwood HOA News

February 2019

Annual Meeting Update

Homeowners unanimously approved the 2019 budget and reelected the Association’s officers during last month’s annual meeting. Some of the topics discussed are in this newsletter. We request that each homeowner go online to contact the Mayor’s Action Center (MAC) at 317.327.4622 or http://maps.indy.gov/RequestIndy and petition the City to repave Walnut Way, Tuliptree Trail, and Beach Knoll. Other than a portion of “the hill” on Walnut Way, it has been more than 12 years since our roads were repaved and some areas are literally disintegrating.

Snow Plowing

The company hired to plow our streets this winter was complimented at the annual meeting for doing a good job. We are asking them to avoid piling snow over storm drains. We have reminded them to plow the circle on Walnut Way.

Several years ago, the City of Indianapolis plowed and treated all of our streets due of the safety of our children the school bus that drove up into our neighborhood. However, when the school system discontinued door-to-door service, the City stopped plowing and would only “salt” Walnut Way. Now that the bus is back in Knollwood, your Association is asking the City to reinstate plowing as before.

Neighborhood Directory

Homeowners will soon be asked for updated contact information and receive an updated neighborhood directory listing all resident’s names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. The printed directory will be distributed to each homeowner, is confidential to Knollwood, and will not be shared outside our community.

Social Activities

Not everyone is eager to participate in neighborhood picnics and other social functions,  but for those who are…stay tuned. A group of our neighbors are planning on some fun activities this summer which will help us get to know one another and to welcome some of the new families who have moved into our neighborhood.

Street Cleaning

We are exploring the costs of having a street sweeping company to clean and remove loose gravel and other debris this spring.

Safety Tip

For our safety of the many children now living in Knollwood, remember to slow down and drive with care. Speeding throughout our neighborhood has increased lately and we want to avoid any tragic consequences of careless driving.

Entrance Updates

Efforts are underway to increase the safety at our front entrance by removing some of the vegetation that blocks our view while pulling out onto Sargent Road. The biggest problem is the invasive Honey Suckles which need to be pulled up by the roots. This effort will take place just as soon as weather permits. We are in contact with the Indianapolis Police Department and the Sargent Road Association to reduce speeds on Sargent road which pose a serious threat to our safety.

Our entrance signs will be power washed this spring and we are looking into the feasibility and cost of installing solar lighting to illuminate the signs at night. The cost of installing electricity is prohibitive.

Curb Appeal

Each homeowner is reminded that what makes Knollwood so special is our “curb appeal.” Yes, the woods and nature are doing their part…but the rest is up to us. So, consider what you can do to your own property this Spring to enhance our curb appeal. It’s not always a matter of money, but just a little time and effort can make a big difference. And as a reminder, City ordinances state that homeowners are responsible for keeping any storm drains along their property free and clear of debris. However, if you are not physically able to perform this maintenance on your own, please contact your Association and a volunteer neighbor will assist you.

Communications Improvements

We are continuing to update the website with news and special events. Also, we will be starting more frequent newsletters, like this one, on a quarterly basis. If you have news or information to contribute, please contact our property manager.

Steve Follis, Property Manager Trent Management LLC

PH: 317.292.8582

email: sfollis@trentmgmt.com

2019 Annual Meeting Agenda

Annual Members Meeting January 20, 2019


  • Introduction of Board, Property Manager
  • Board Approval of Minutes from the last annual meeting
  • President’s 2018 review
  • 2018 Financial Review and 2019 Budget
  • Election of Board
  • New Business
  • Questions/Concerns


Annual Members Meeting January 20, 2019 

The Annual Meeting and Election of Directors of the Association will be held on Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 7:00 p.m., at 7230 Tuliptree Trail, Indianapolis, IN 46256.

Proxies and nomination forms have been mailed to each address in the neighborhood.  Questions concerning the meeting or the materials mailed should be directed to: Steven Follis, Trent Management LLC, 317-292-8582, sfollis@trentmgmt.com.

See you at the Annual Meeting!