Covenants At-A-Glance

The Following Items Are Restricted/Prohibited:

  1. Overhanging trees, shrubs or weeds that obstruct driveway entrances, streets and intersections
  2. Vehicles parked in the street overnight/for extended periods
  3. Empty trash cans or recycling bins left in the street
  4. Leaves or debris blocking gutter/ drainage structures
  5. Farm animals
  6. Commercial or business activities other than owner home office related
  7. Abandoned property
  8. Failure to maintain property
  9. Uncontained/unbagged trash or rubbish
  10. Unused sports equipment or machinery
  11. Yard signage of any kind with the exception of for sale or security signs
  12. Deteriorated or broken fences/gates/mailboxes
  13. Any illegal conduct
  14. Hazardous/fire risk conditions/code violations of any kind

For detailed information on the Knollwood Homeowners Association of Indianapolis, Inc., the Covenants, By-Laws, and related information, visit the “Homeowners Association” page.