Infrastructure Updates

The Knollwood board is in proactive mode with the much-needed repairs to our street and drainage issues. Read below for updates:

2020: Major work is being done and pending all along Sargent Road and immediate vicinity. We will stay on top of things and advocate on behalf of our neighborhood to the extent that we can.

September 2017: With the exception of continued attention to the “organic erosion control measures” the improvements on the south side of Tuliptree Trail are complete. We have asked about the barricades left behind and hope those will be removed soon.


May 2017: Work is nearly complete!

Board president Mike Schultz spoke recently with Eric Everett, the DPW Project Manager who has been overseeing the much-needed repairs on Tuliptree Trail.  At the moment, there is still a plug in the structure at the lowest point of the catch basin on the west side of the street.  They are waiting for the erosion control measures to mature before removing the plug, but as we saw with all the recent rain, storm drainage is working much better with this fix.  We discussed long-term plans that DPW is considering to deal with the huge volume of flow in this area.  These include re-establishing the DPW drainage easement from Sargent Road to Mud Creek at the base of our neighborhood and the possible installation of culverts under both Sargent Road and Tuliptree Trail.

We have also started a dialogue with DPW about the condition of our streets, particularly at the top of the hill on Walnut Way.  If you have any questions or suggestions about this issue, please contact Mike!

April 2017: Work is in progress!


March 2017: Emergency work was performed by DPW this morning (3/10) to mitigate any further road collapse issues on Tuliptree Trail. We still must leave the barriers in place and are still restricted to using only one lane.

The picture below shows how the drain pipe was cut and pulled away from the road. This should stop or at least prevent any significant damage to the pavement.

Tuliptree 031017

March 9, 2017: Ken Nelson and KimAnn Schultz met this morning with Ken Everett, DPW Project Manager, and area Liaison Joel Smith, to discuss the status of needed repairs on Tuliptree Trail.  Mr. Nelson supplied the following summary of the meeting:

  1.  According to Mr. Everett, as long as we drive or walk to the “outside” of the orange barriers, we should have no safety issue.  However, we are asked to immediately report any further collapsing of the remaining pavement and move the barrier back to a safe distance.  He will personally and immediately reassess our safety at that point.


  1.  A work order is being submitted today for DPW crews to cut away the hanging drain pipe structure to help mitigate any further road collapse.  He will provide dates and times via email this afternoon…but advised that he is making Knollwood a top priority.  A crew will also be dispatched to cut down a tree that is resting on utility lines in the ravine on the west side of Tuliptree Trail.


  1.  A construction team meeting is scheduled for March 20th to review engineering designs already drawn up for rebuilding the entire under-pavement drain system as well as construction of a rock and concrete structure to stem the erosion on the east side of Tuliptree Trail.  Mr. Everett will do what he can to advance the construction date(s).  We will know more about his plans with his email us tonight.  He will also inspect the large drain system at the base of each side of the ravine to ensure it is open and flowing properly.


  1.  Mr. Everette will email a detailed plan immediately following the March 20th meeting for our review.  It will include the construction plan and schedule.  He advised that Tuliptree Trail may be closed during parts of the project…necessitating the use of the McGill’s driveway access.  He indicated that the closure might only take a few hours…not days.


  1.  Joel Smith promised to follow through with our HOA every step of the way.  Concerning our deteriorating roads throughout Knollwood, Mr. Smith recommended our HOA craft a request for repaving along with pictures and a petition signed by all members.  He said this will place Knollwood on a priority list.  He could not promise any specific dates, but said a proactive and cooperative HOA will go a long way in getting things done.


  1.  Mr. Smith will be sending us detailed information on how the City would help us with a “community cleanup day.”  The City will provide brooms, rakes, trash bags, gloves, and a dumpster … maybe a dump truck for all debris collected by volunteers.  He said the best time for this would be in early May.


Please check this site from time to time for further updates.

Mike Schultz, Knollwood HOA President 2017



Email from Steve Hardiman to Association President Charles Beasley with answers to specific questions on the status of repairs and improvements:

From: Hardiman, Steve <Steve.Hardiman@Indy.Gov>
Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2016 1:10 PM
To: Charles Beasley (
Cc: Michael J. McQuillen (
Subject: FW: Status of Tuliptree Trail – Knollwood subdivision

Hi Mr. Beasley,

Please see answers to some of the questions that you asked in blue below.  If you need anything more, please just let me know.

Best regards,


Steven R. Hardiman II
City-County Council Liaison and Executive Assistant
Department of Public Works – City of Indianapolis P: (317) 327-2053 C: (317) 223-1065 – Newsletter –  Facebook – Twitter – Flickr

*  *  *

Dear Mr. Hardiman (and Councillor McQuillen),

First, thank you so very much for answering my questions about plans for work so promptly.  Before I share this great news with our community I would like to clarify the scope of work that is anticipated so that I can be very clear with regard to what the neighbors can expect.  We view the multiple drainage problems as consisting of several broad categories as follows:

  1. The erosion that is undercutting Tuliptree Trail on the east side

This issue is the focus of the work to be bid in 2017.  Four additional inlets will be provided along Tuliptree Trail near 7124 and 7121 Tuliptree Trail.  The failing embankment on the east side of the road will be reconstructed and armored with erosion protection known as A-jacks.  We are aware that there are more flooding and erosion issues in the greater area, and these issues will be addressed by future projects.  The goal of the project bidding in January 2017 is to eliminate as quickly as possible the safety risk due to the embankment failure at 7124 Tuliptree Trail.

  1. The catch basin on the west of Tuliptree Trail that receives ground water runoff from Fairwood Hills

We are not planning to reroute the watershed from upstream neighborhoods, however, we do intend to examine the west side of the road by 7121 Tuliptree Trail to improve the drainage and make the existing culverts more accessible by maintenance equipment.  I realize the culverts under Tuliptree Trail as they are currently configured are prone to clogging, which can lead to upstream flooding. 

  1. The  multiple open culverts that flow down through Knollwood property ultimately “emptying” into 3 below ground culverts that pass under Sargent Road (east entrance to below ground culverts are partially or completely clogged due to continued surface culvert erosion).  These open culverts and 2 of the 3 below ground culverts are marked on page 12 of the attached document.  The third below ground culvert that should drain one of the open culverts is at the very south of Knollwood property, immediately north of the first house south of Knollwood that fronts on Sargent Road.

We have maintenance crews on-call who can clean out clogged pipes.  Please report the addresses of these pipes to CEG at 317-924-3311 option *2.  Your assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Three additional below ground culverts (marked on page 12) under Sargent Road that are completely occluded that are intended to handle surface runoff from additional, smaller open culverts (in addition to those open culverts noted in #3 above)that are not marked on page 12.

Same comment as #3.  I will also note, there is a drainage improvement project about to begin design at 75th and Sargent.  I am looking into adding the remaining needs in the Knollwood subdivision to this project.