HOA Info & Covenants

Knollwood Homeowners Association of Indianapolis, Inc.

The Knollwood Homeowners Association of Indianapolis, Inc. (“Knollwood HOA”) was established as a not-for-profit corporation in February 2014.  The corporation exists to provide for the maintenance, repair, upkeep, replacement, administration, operation and management of the Knollwood subdivision in accordance with the terms of the plat, the Covenants and the by-laws, as they may be amended from time to time.

The Covenants for Knollwood Residential Subdivision provide a basic framework for the preservation of those characteristics of the neighborhood that make it special and unique. They are “restriction and protective covenants” that are contractual in nature. These covenants “run with the land,” which means they remain with the property and transfer automatically to each new homeowner.

All homeowners of Knollwood are, therefore, bound by these covenants.

The covenants govern the subjects of Membership, Buildings, Land, Streets and Lots and contain a set of General Covenants that restrict, in certain meaningful ways, certain behavior or land use that may otherwise be legal. In order for such covenants to be useful, they must be known and understood by all members.

The purpose of this summary is to serve as a quick reference guide and reminder to residents or prospective residents of the types of restrictions that exist in our neighborhood. The summary below focuses solely on the General Covenants in Article 4. For questions about Membership, Buildings, Land, Streets and Lots, the owner or prospective owner should consult the actual recorded covenants

Lot Improvements 

If you are planning an improvement, addition, or alteration to your house or lot, the improvement must be approved by the building committee before work begins.  Please refer to Section 2E of the covenants.  Our online form is for submitting such requests and will help expedite the approval process.  Click here for the form.


A useful summary of the Covenants is available here:


The current bylaws are available here:  kna-by-laws-current-2012

The Certificate and Articles of Incorporation are available here: