2018 Knollwood Meeting Minutes

Sunday, January 21, 2018 – 7:00 p.m.
7230 Tuliptree Trail

-Attendance was taken and proxies were counted:

Present in person—President Mike Schultz and Kimann Schultz, Julie Huggins, Marty Crossland, Marty Hollingsworth, Nancy Lamson, Jason Plummer, Mr and Mrs. Singh, Molly Griffin, Ken Nelson, Adrienne Gale, Charles Beasley and Becky Bushong, James and Sharon Myers.

Proxies were submitted and accepted for seven households.

-Mike Schultz opened the meeting, introduced the executive board members present and then introduced Dan Jenson from Trent Management company who was sitting in on our meeting.

-A motion was made, seconded and approved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the 2017 meeting.

-Mike Schultz discussed the projects and improvements that had been undertaken in 2017 following the 2017 meeting and solicited any questions about those, and thanked the landscaping committee for their work in 2017 and thanked Ken for his assistance in dealing with the City on the Tuliptree drainage project. Mike then turned the meeting over to the management company.

-Dan Jenson then discussed the proposed budget for 2018 and the proposed increase in the annual dues to $500 from $450.

-Mrs. Myers raised her hand and directly asked Mr. Jenson what exactly does Trent Management do for our neighborhood. Dan Proceeded to explain all the things that they do in terms of billing and budget. Mike Schultz added that Trent deals with numerous other issues, such as coordinating vendors, dealing with Indianapolis Water when they over billed the neighborhood by $3,000 for water service, and handling enforcement of the covenants and collection of dues.

-Nancy Lamson asked Mr. Jenson if the proposed dues for our neighborhood are comparable to other neighborhoods in the area with terrain like ours. Mr. Jenson answered “yes, it is very close”.

-There was general discussion about the value that the management company brings to the neighborhood and Charles talked about the fact that now that we are incorporated -it is best to have a management company. Mike pointed out that it is unlikely anyone would want to serve in a leadership role in our incorporated HOA without the assistance

and advice of a professional management company. Mike also stated that the executive board has been very pleased with the services of Steven Follis and Trent Management Company and pointed out that he has received many compliments from neighbors on things like snow removal and the improvements at the entrance. Dan Jensen spoke up to say that they do take care of 700 homes in the area.

-A motion was then made and seconded to approve the 2018 budget and dues increase and a vote was then taken on the issue. There were 16 votes in favor and 3 against. The motion passed.

-The election of the executive board for 2018 was then conducted. No new nominations were received. A motion was made and seconded to maintain the same executive board members and positions for 2018. The motion passed unanimously.

-New business and questions/concerns were then discussed for the remainder of the meeting.

-Kimann spoke about the grass by the entrance signs and Charles said he was impressed how well the grass is doing.

-Kimann spoke about the Gale‘s mailbox and how nice it is and she spoke about maybe getting a group discount if people were interested. Charles spoke up and said that Roy Heraly might be an option to get the mailboxes from (since he owns a sign company)

-Ken Nelson wanted to know if we had a back up key for the gate—in case Steve did not have it unlocked in the winter. It was brought up by Nancy Lamson that maybe somebody from the board should have that back up key.

-Ken Nelson asked Trent what they would do if somebody did not follow the covenants. Dan Jenson said they would definitely enforce those.

-The role of an architectural review committee was discussed. Charles pointed out that several years ago all of the standing committees were merged into the executive board. Mike said that an architectural review committee could be formed if needed on an ad hoc basis and that the board would follow the advice of the management company in the event someone proposed to make substantial changes to their property.

-Ken talked about the bushes at the end of the turn lane (at the entrance) obstructing the view when you turn left.

-After all questions/concerns had been discussed the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.